Coach Randy Johnson

----I've been coaching here at Cordova for 6 years--I started when Steve Guymon was the coach and didn't have anyone to coach. My son, Ben, was a beginning vaulter and Coach Guymon asked if I'd help out with the vaulters.  Since then, I've coached a girl who finished 4th in state and a boy who finished 3rd.  The young man was Ben, who now cheers for the University of Tennessee@ Knoxville.  (We've always been big fans of UT.) 

Pole Vaulting is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest, event to learn and to coach in Track & Field.  It's also one of the most fun.  We usually have a good time at practice even when we're working hard. Throughout my years of coaching, I've been fortunate enough to have some good athletes at Cordova High. 

In the summer, we have vault practice held at our facility for anyone who wants to pole vault.  It is open to everyone, and it's a greatway to keep working on vaulting while having a lot of fun. With the less formal atmosphere and opportunity to concentrate on just vaulting, it makes the summer practices an excellent time for someone wanting to give pole vaulting a try.   


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